Why should everyone else have all the fun? Our gluten free Cake Bites are so delicious we bet you won't even be able to tell the difference!

Available in 4 flavors – Chocolate, Vanilla, Rocky Road, and M&M.  

All of our collections are available as gluten free; Click here to browse our specialty collections and give us a call to order!

Click here to order our classic gluten free cake balls! 

Here's what our customer's have to say:

"I bring my son to Cake Bites almost every week for the gluten free options. As a parent of a child with a gluten allergy, it's so hard to find fun, good-tasting options, but Cake Bites has a great variety of gluten free cake balls and they taste great!"

"WOW!  Those are the best cake bites ever!! I am gluten free and your GF bites were amazing!"

"These are by far the best cake ball/pop/hole confection things I've ever eaten and the M&M ones in particular were just...crack. If only you'd heard the noises I was making.  Keep up the good work, I'm forever a fan." -Jess Kapadia, Senior Editor, Food Republic 

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Gluten Free Rocky Road cake ballsGluten Free M&M cake ball